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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Corrects and Discredits FRC Misinformation

Wow, that was fast!

Watched “Hardball” tonight and had to grab the lil camera, back up the TiVo gizmo, and get this clip, which I have transcribed below. Please forgive the rough video quality:

Chris Matthews: On Monday night’s edition of ‘Hardball’, we had a debate of course between the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok and the Family Resarch Council’s Tony Perkins. The Southern Poverty Law Center labelled the Family Research Councel a hate group over its position on homosexuality.

Well, during the debate Monday night, Perkins made this claim about what he says is the risk posed by homosexuality to children.


FRC’s Tony Perkins: If you look at the American College of Pediatricians’ research, they say the research is overwhelming that homosexuality poses a risk to children. So, I, uh, Mark is wrong. He needs to go back and do his own research, because this evidence is out there.

(end clip)

Matthews: Well, we need to note right now that the group Perkins sourced, the American College of Pediatricians, is not the same as the American Academy of Pediatrics, but a group of about 100 conservative-minded doctors that formed in 2002, in response to the Academy’s support of gay parental rights. We like to straighten these things out.

Lest we forget, here again is the original Monday clip for those who may not have seen it.

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