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From Madrid Newspaper, El Pais: “INTERPOL Issues An Arrest Warrant For Assange”

The Madrid, Spain newspaper, El Pais, has the story (Google translation of the web page here):

The International Police (Interpol) has issued an arrest warrant today for more red (high priority) against the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, at the request sent by the Swedish Justice accused of rape, sexual abuse and coercion. The order allows Assange to be stopped at any of the 188 Interpol member countries and accelerate their extradition to Sweden.

El Pais now has a map (Google translation of the web page but the papers icons don’t show up so you have to see the original web page in Spanish and do the comparison),

The roles of the Department of State

Update: Amnesty International writes that “Wikileaks cable corroborates evidence of US airstrikes in Yemen

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