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Romeo and Juliet inspire thoughts on Marriage

Romeo and Juliet

A young teenager a rich girl sheltered from the world ( the daughters of the rich in the Middle Ages were sheltered because Virgins could get better, richer husbands) anyway she fell in love with a guy her family hated.

Her Family did not know him as a person they just hated Romeo’s entire family for some stupid reason. Today we see this same hate of Out Groups of people displayed toward Minorities, Gays, Feminists, and of course Liberals Glen Beck for example wants us all dead.

Never mind getting to know us as people or listening to what we have to say this blanket of hate of the OUTGROUP ( *1 ) lets people dismiss us without knowing us. Juliet and Romeo both were STRONG enough to see through the hate and decided that hate does not matter.

Romeo and Juliet both got lucky nobody can choose who they fall in love with although after the fact we do tend to justify our choices. ( I myself have been guilty of this often:)  )

However in this case two STRONG people fell in love with each other.

A STRONG person in this instance is one who has the strength when necessary to stand up for what is Right even if it means going up against their friends, family and what they were raised to believe. As part of growing up we all have the chance to make this choice to stand up. Sadly many people never grow up. People who never grow up are WEAK and cursed to live in High School Forever, the STRONG avoid them or try and help them if we can.

Imagine marriage to a person who has never stood up for an other person being treated unjustly? There is certainly enough injustice in the world for everyone to find something or someone to stand up to their family, friends or question and changed their own beliefs as they grow up.

For Romeo and Juliet they got twice as lucky, they both choose to stand up for each other as best as kids could to their friends and family by running away since they knew they could not change their friends and families minds. This struggle drove them even closer together. It takes Strength to run away from house, home, and of course Money.

Money is the Root of all Evil in this instance Money can help WEAK people give up their True Love and Settle. President Bush for example was engaged to Cathy Wolfman but rumors are he gave her up because his family disapproved that her Freaking! Stepfather was Jewish. I guess Bush was to weak to stand up for her, the risk of being cut off from the family money was to great.

Why Laura a librarian stays with Bush a stupid man who does not read books? Money plus she herself settled its sad when the WEAK find each other.

Sure Every couple has its problems and Poverty can make even STRONG people break.

But if growing up you were STRONG enough to help let alone like Romeo and Juliet be attracted to someone in an Out Group. Well then you must have been able to not only overcome family and friends disapproval you also must have been able to listen to their cries to see them as people and find it in your heart to put their needs before your own comfort.

When times get tough having a partner who listens and can see your side is great but its better if both people in a Marriage try and listen and see each others side. Then they can both try and put each others needs before their own. This is the Heart of Lefty Family Values the desire from both people to work together toward common goals they not their friends, family, church, government choose.

Look at America today divorce rates are not what they were in the 70’s why because America is more accepting of Out Groups. America’s young people listen and fight more for their rights than in the past.

The Moral decline that Conservatives warned about in the 70’s has not led to more divorce. In the 70’s mixed Marriage, Women’s rights, Birth Control, Abortion were all suppose to increase divorce rates.

Today while we are still fighting these battles we are fighting new battles that Conservatives in the 70’s never dreamed we would be fighting without divorce rates skyrocketing things like Gay Marriage, Letting Gays into the Army, Legalizing Pot.

The biggest threats to Marriage the Left says today are poverty, no jobs, no living wage jobs and families that grow apart because both couples must work to get by and we don’t have state paid for national day care. These I feel are legit concerns. You can’t expect young people to give up having sex. Society has a responsibility to create jobs that let one parent both support a family, save money for the future and leave the working parent time to stay with his family. That is if we want a society. Solving these problems are the main concern of the Left when we try and save the Family. We don’t tell everyone they are sinners and deserve to be poor, homeless, drug addicted Gay, Minorities Whatever and that we must conform to Society or die if we can’t Conform. We ask what do you need, what can we do to help? We ask how can we fight for what you want because we know you are not treated fair and yes we will give up some of our own to help you. We think Government exists to help people otherwise why have it?

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is that while they were both STRONG enough to stand up to their friends and family and challenge everything they  had been told about why they should hate anyone from the OUTGROUP.

Is that their Family and Friends had created a Society so controlled that unlike us today even two STRONG people trying to grow up had no choice but to run away if they wanted to be together.

That choice led to their death. But to be honest that Society that was to STRONG for them to oppose, was to weak to look at people as people and not labels. That Society that feared Change had died long ago.

* 1) In sociology, an outgroup is a social group towards which an individual feels contempt, opposition, or a desire to compete. Members of outgroups may be subject to outgroup homogeneity biases, and generally people tend to privilege ingroup members over outgroup members in many situations. The term originates from social identity theory

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