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Low-Information Politicians – Part Two

Under the heading of Small Change at HuffPost, The Obama Administration will be using only one quarter of the funds promised to help out struggling home owners. Clearly, POTUS is much better at running for office than he is at governing.

Congress may be willing to cut off its nose to spite its face… just so they can prevent the economy from recovering. Many of them ran on economic issues; yet, they would prefer to see our economy fail, rather than recover. Hardly what I would call a patriotic perspective. Nor is it likely to endear them to voters next time around. Unfortunately, too many politicians see the lobbyists’ money as the key to their success, forgetting that ordinary people still have to vote for them.

If the FCC allows Comcast to begin charging toll rates for using the internet (and I now have to call the FCC a bunch of politicians, too) then, the freedom of the internet will become a long-lost dream.

A lack of both regulation and enforcement, have forced both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into confrontations with banks that refuse to buy back soured mortgages. Frannie and Freddie are now government-owned and were forced to guarantee the mortgages which were transferred to them in millions of acts of bad faith. Where is Congress on this issue? Where is the President when it comes to saving homeowners and Main Street? Who should we blame? I blame both!

I wish I could be more optimistic about the criminal probe of Wall Street that Eric Holder says is serious and ongoing… unfortunately, we have seen too many times exactly how easy it is for white collar criminals to rob their clients, as well as the entire country’s taxpayers.

Deficit obsession squelching job creation talk writes Peter Goodman at HuffPost. Of course our elected officials inside the beltway, most of whom are millionaires, are completely out of touch with what is going on inside most homes these days around the kitchen table. Difficult talks about how to keep one’s  home, how to find a job, how to keep a job… and for many, there will be no Christmas this year. Despite Christians’ talking it up as a holy day, Christmas’s origins are more secular and pagan than Christian. The Saturnalia Festival was intended to provide some light and tomfoolery in the midst of the dark of winter. Early Christians appropriated the ancient Roman festival and attached it to Christmas, in order to make that day more palatable. There will be very little of that light and tomfoolery going on in far too many homes this year. Nor do our elected officials seem to have a clue that squelching demand is a sure-fire way to stall the economy… though I suspect many of the Republicans do and that’s why they’ve chosen this strategy.

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