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Photo by Pat Arnow

Photo by Pat Arnow

What is it with Democrats using their own base, and even union members’ own money, to attack workers?  Not only is President Obama trying to use Organizing For America’s vast e-mail list to gin up support for freezing the salaries of government employees, but NY Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo might actually use union money to attack unions:

Last week, Andrew Cuomo announced that he was prepared to spend the $4 million left in his campaign warchest—and raise more, if necessary—to push back against the unions and other special interests who may oppose his agenda when he takes over as governor.


Cuomo raised about $33 million for his campaign, with the first dollars coming in not long after he was elected attorney general in 2006. Of that, about $1.7 million came directly from unions and union political action committees, in addition to other money that was donated by individual unions or lobbyists associated with unions.

I’m not sure which is worse: Having your own contributions used against you, or getting an e-mail from OFA exhorting you to write your local newspaper about how awesome your pay freeze is.  It’s like Cuomo and Obama have adopted the DecorMyEyes approach to base-building.

Not that this is entirely a surprise in either case.  Cuomo went hard after the unions two weeks before the election, while Obama cynically held EFCA hostage for months to keep labor on board with his increasingly crappy health care reform bill, then let it die after he got what he wanted.

Where progressive politicians would see loyal friends and allies, Cuomo and Obama see only scapegoats, suckers, and low-hanging budget fruit.

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