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Bradley Manning and Julian Assange could destroy the State Dept? Bring It On!

I don’t have to agree with Christian Scientists on treatment to agree with them on diagnosis.

America’s post WWII foreign policy and the State Department employees who implemented that policy have done more evil and more mass murder than any post war “leaders” save Stalin and Mao.

Anything that destroys the power of America and America’s State Department to destroy other nations’ duly chosen leaders and democracies is a force for good.

That’s why Bradley Manning and Julian Assanage are heroes on the side of human rights and global freedom.  Just like Daniel Ellsberg.

The leaked State Department cables corrode – and if we and everyone around the world is lucky, implode – the credibility of US foreign policy and that policy’s apology poodle, America’s State Department.

You know, the poor beleaguered State Department: the institution that at best concealed (and at its dependable worst,  collaborated with) unaccountable Executive Branch power to overthrow other nations’ duly chosen rulers…going back at least to the 1948 Truman supported Greek civil war in which George Polk was murdered.  America’s State Department followed up that horror with active collaboration in and/or propaganda for the:

1953 overthrow of Iran’s Mossadegh,

1954 Guatemalan coup against Guzman,

1961 CIA assassination of Congo’s Lumumba,

1963 overthrow and murder of Vietnam’s Diem,

1963 (and 1975) Honduran coups,

1964 coup against Brazil’s Goulart,

1964/5 overthrow of Indonesia’s Sukarno (and muscular collaboration in targeting hundreds of thousands slaughtered by Suharno, our man in Jakarta) ,

1970 overthrow of Cambodia’s Sihanouk – which opened the way for the Khmer Rouge’s slaughter of millions,

1973 overthrow of Chile’s Allende,

1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor (and subsequent twenty-four years of genocide)

1979 coup in El Salvador (and all the ensuing State Dept. excused death squads)…

…and I could go on, but I already want to vomit from horror and shame and grief and rage at how the State Department and the authoritarian 1947 National Security Act the Department’s impeccably dressed poodles serve have perverted the values and society of the nation and free people my father and his generation went to World War II to preserve.

Over the sixty-three years since Truman signed the profoundly undemocratic National Security Act, Foggy Bottom and Langley have done far more to destroy America than Berlin and Tokyo – or Bin Laden – could ever hoped to have done.  Always in the name of fighting threats to our freedom and democracy.

The State Department that rightly proclaimed America’s singular role in trying and executing mass murders, torturers, and their collaborators at the Nuremberg Trials which began sixty-five years ago now collaborates to conceal and excuse the war of aggression and subsequent mass murder and torture America’s leaders began seventy-nine months ago – and which America’s current “leaders” willfully continue.

Assange, Manning, and the Wikicables could destroy America’s complicit diplomats and the global Murder, Inc. we call our State Department?

Bring it on, Julian and Bradley.  Bring it on.

WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning isn’t a criminal. He’s a hero.

Many are condemning Bradley Manning for allegedly providing WikiLeaks
with sensitive reports about US foreign policy. But a government that
can make war while keeping essential information about its
justification and conduct secret is neither open nor fit for free

By Sheldon Richman / November 29, 2010

Little Rock, Ark.

First it was a video of a helicopter gunship killing and injuring unarmed Iraqi civilians, including two children, and two newsmen as they walked down a street in Baghdad.

Then in two separate document dumps, hundreds of thousands of classified military field reports from Iraq and Afghanistan were released to the public. Now more than a quarter-million State Department cables, more than 15,000 of which are classified “secret” and/or “noforn” (not to be shared with foreign governments), have been released without authorization.

The US government’s problems with WikiLeaks continues, and the Obama administration “condemn[ed] in the strongest terms the unauthorized disclosure of classified documents and sensitive national security information.”

IN PICTURES: Wikileaks and the war in Iraq

The White House said the release of “stolen cables” was “reckless and dangerous.”

It attributed the leaks to Pfc. Bradley Manning, who has been in custody since the release of the Baghdad video, which WikiLeaks titled “Collateral Murder.” In July, Mr. Manning was charged with “transferring classified data onto his personal computer and adding unauthorized software to a classified computer system” and “communicating, transmitting and delivering national defense information to an unauthorized source.” He faces up to 52 years in prison.

Naturally, WikiLeaks refuses to confirm that Manning was the source of the documents, but assuming he was, what are we to make of him? Is he a hero or a villain?

I say hero. When a government secretly engages in such consequential activities as aggressive wars justified by at best questionable and at worst fabricated intelligence, covert bombings and assassinations, and diplomatic maneuvering designed to support such global meddling, the people in whose name that government acts – and who could suffer retaliation – have a right to know……

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