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Sarah Palin: Wikileaks is Obama’s Fault

Of course it is.

Let’s let the fact that the Wikileaks guy isn’t a US citizen and therefore can’t commit “treason” against ‘Merka slide. Pesky details like that are not to be counted against the Quitter, who we elitist liberal book-readin’ types should always grade on a scale.

But where would wingnuts be without false equivalences?

There’s controversy about John Kerry’s military service, too! We should teach both sides of the evolution debate! Tom DeLay is bad but [insert Democrat] is worse! Sure, Rush said something racist, but…Rachel Maddow! There’s lots of scientists who don’t believe in global warming! Yeah, that heavily-armed militia that was plotting to kill cops was crazy, but…Code Pink!

It’s like their bread and butter.

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Blue Texan

Blue Texan