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Country Club Republicans

Many years ago I can remember hearing the phrase “Country Club Republican” used with some regularity. Now this label seems to have fallen out of fashion. I say we should revive it, and use it every chance we get. Why? Well, for one thing it may help remind some older voters why they used to vote against the GOP. More importantly, it’s a great shorthand way to invoke the exclusionary, privileged nature of today’s right wingers.  There’s nothing wrong with railing against rabid, reactionary, fucktard tools of the plutocracy here at FDL. But that’s because here we’re preaching to the choir. In the larger, less politically aware America, the country club is that place your grandfather couldn’t go because he was Jewish. Or Puerto-Rican. Even today, it’s a place dominated by wealthy white men, charging more in yearly fees than many families bring home in total income.  It’s a relatively inoffensive label that packs a mean wallop of justified class resentment. So, here’s to martinis at the 19th hole!

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