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Thread for Dreaming Dreams about a Progressive Third Party

In Europe, people have been rioting over stuff like potentially increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62. Here, we do NOTHING when the retirement age is proposed to moved to 69/70 from 65!

Our democratic “progressive”  leaders have often stood by silently, watching normal American policy get trashed as “socialism” without boldly telling the US public the truth. Why? At this point I feel like I have a post-Obama hangover (and this is why I joined FDL) and I think we really just have a one party system pretending to be a 2 party system.

Tell me about your utopia.

In my utopia, Obama would have publicly raged against the bullshit-based cuts to social security. He would have been the main messenger of the truth that SS will be fine for decades with no changes at all.

I want a progressive leader/candidate willing to sacrifice a first term to informing the people of the truth if it comes down to that. Just tell the truth. Get mad and be ineffective if necessary. An informed electorate is worth it in the long run.

In my dream, an actual progressive third party EATS the Democratic party alive. All that populist energy Obama soaked up gets aimed in an actual populist agenda. I just hope the bastard didn’t ruin it for us for a generation.

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