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At a Minimum we must produce $1,800 per month, every month for the rest of our lives in order to live in these somewhat United States. I realize most would chalk it up to “the cost of living”, but could their be something else going on here? To sit in our home (that is paid off) and do nothing cost us $1,800 per month. Other than “basic” cable, we allow ourselves no luxuries. Our Over-Lords (bill collectors) take the lions share of $1,800 every month and leave us (my wife and I) to debate if we should spend $20 every once and a while to treat ourselves to breakfast. Consider the mind-set of a Share-Cropper: they take $1,800 per month until we die, yet we bicker over spending $20 for the occasional breakfast? During the reign of the feudal Lords the share cropper had to hand over  85% of their harvest. Imagine busting your butt all year in a field only to hand 85% of your labour to some  thug who lives in a castle?  So, who cares about the past? Those were the bad old days; this is 2010, things are different, right? We (the share-croppers) no longer pay 85% of you income to your Lords: our new Corporate Over-Lords take 90%-95% of that $1,800 for the rest of our lives. Don’t you just love progress?

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