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Realities of Circular Migration: “The Invisibles,” a film with Amnesty International

Virtual Tour of the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, Mexico City

I have been attempting to present what I think of as “vertical displays” of what circular migration looks like as a planned interstate, intra-national and transnational pattern (you can read more at Arizona, Hawai’i and Private Prisons (Updated), ‘FutureStates: “Tent City”’ and Prison Nation(s): An Overview).

Now, let us look a bit at the circular migration pattern across the US-Mexico border by way of the film, “The Invisibles” (an English and a Spanish version both available on YouTube.Com). But first an introduction.

The film was first screened on Nov. 4th then publicly launched on Nov. 8th. The first screening took place at the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia (“Museum of Memory and Tolerance”) in Mexico City on November 4th in coordination with Amnesty International’s Refugees and Migrants Rights team (“New film shines a light on the plight of migrants in Mexico” with embedded video, by Charlotte Philips, posted Nov. 8, 2010). About 200 people attended the screening including human rights activists, community members and people representing non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The public launch of the film was on Nov. 9th in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the four day meeting of the 4th annual Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in order to facilitate discussions directly with the government of Mexico and among participants.

“The Invisibles” is actually broken into four segments. Please pause now and view Part 1.

The Invisibles – Part 1 (English version)

What are your reactions to the material presented? The floor is now open!

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