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Fuckno’s Cold Waterdouser

Disclaimer: This post is intended as a reality check only. No advocacy of violence is hereby intended, nor should any be impugned.

The same people that would support the European monetary Union, rigged markets and Banker’s bailout, are in effect in charge of the US economy as well. We would be well served by listening to the few clear eyed contrarians.

In fact, we should all, quickly, become Contrarians ourselves!

Here’s Nigel Farage addressing the European Parliament:

Burning with anger: London streets in flames again as 25,000 go on rampage in new student fees riot

Last updated at 9:24 PM on 24th November 2010

• Demonstrators smash into police van and steal uniforms

• Two officers injured as they clash with protesters

• Territorial Support Group rushed in to bolster police lines

• Huge crowds are ‘kettled’ on section of Whitehall

• New unite chief Len McCluskey hails ‘poll tax spirit’

• More protests in Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow

Read more:

Civil unrest and riots feared as Ireland’s bank crisis worsens | Irish News |

(Reuters) – Here are details of some of the major recent and forthcoming protests in European countries as Portugal’s biggest unions staged their first joint general strike in more than 20 years on Wednesday.

Factbox: Anti-austerity protests around Europe | Reuters

Here’s hoping that such news from Europe will help our dear leadership to question the wisdom of the Simpson/Bowles commissions’ madness.

And please, somebody stop Bernanke!

Nationalize the banks, clawback ill gotten gains, declare a public debtors holiday, and start lending at ZIRP directly to the public.

I feel a cold draft blowing through my shorts…

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