Analogy of the bus:

A young black man on Grit TV put forth this analogy concerning our foreign police.

I have modified it somewhat.

You find yourself on a crowded bus on your way to work in the centre of a bustling metropolis. The sun is shining; the morning air is filled with the sounds and smells of urban life. As you gaze out your window you notice the side walk packed with pedestrians. People walking their dogs, mothers taking infants and toddlers for morning stroll, joggers, and a few older couples taking their daily walk. All of a sudden the bus you are on wildly veers onto the side walk! It (the bus) barrels down the walk way killing and dismembering all in its path: that nice older couple, children playing, infants in their mothers arms all road kill. You leave your seat, race to the front of the bus and demand to know what is going on! The driver (Dick Cheney) tells you take your seat and not to worry the bus will get you to work on time. Sure enough the bus did get you to work on time; as a mater of fact, you arrived 10 minutes early.

The next day the bus pulls up to your stop, the door opens, and driver Cheney greets you with a smile. As you take your seat, you tell yourself what happen to those poor

Pedestrians yesterday was a shame, but you did get to work on time. Months pass, and about once or twice a week old Dick goes nuts and kills a few pedestrians (just to keep the fear it them). After a while Pedestrians (Terrorist) decide that there is more to life than being road-kill. The Terrorist (pedestrians) decide to plant an IUD along the bus route and end Cheney’s  crusade. Among the Pedestrians some one asked, “what of the innocent passengers riding the bus to work?” Being Terrorist, they decided that everyone on the bus was responsible for Cheney’s rain of death: Cheney as the driver and the passenger who stood by more concern about getting to work on time than stopping mass murder. A few buses (with all on board) were blown up, but somehow Cheney’s managed to slip by unharmed. The DOT decided to screen all passengers boarding all city buses to weed out the Terrorist. Being a good passenger who plays by the rules you are outraged at this delay! Why should you endure some DOT person  (with rubber gloves) putting his hands on you; being x-rayed, all to make you late for work! At no point does the plight of the pedestrians cross your mind.