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Wednesday This & That: Open Thread

It’s an open thread! Pleeeeease feel free to chat, blogwhore, and link-share in the comment thread… Emoticon: Autumn Sandeen, snarkily shifting her eyes right-to-left-to-right

Image: Bookworm Bob, the cartoon 'sockpuppet' of Autumn Sandeen'sSo, this is what my cartoon sockpuppet Bookworm Bob have been looking at since our last This & That post.

• I’m quite late on these two stories, but hey — better late than never. San Jose Mercury News‘s Alameda County home to first transgender judge in nation:

Alameda County has become home to the first transgender trial judge in the country as Victoria Kolakowski won the race to fill an empty seat on the county’s Superior Court bench.

Final results from the county Registrar of Voters show that Kolakowski won 50.98 percent of the vote against deputy district attorney John Creighton, who won 47.98 percent of the vote.

…Kolakowski was the candidate hoping to bring diversity to the bench through her transgender experience and her background as an attorney focusing on civil matters through her job as an administrative law judge at the California Public Utilities Commission.

Kolakowski won a primary in June and campaigned on a platform of being the first transgender judge in the state and bringing change to a bench that, she argued, was too overloaded with white males.


The Houston Chronicle‘s Transgender Houston attorney becomes a judge:

Thirty years ago, Phyllis Frye, a longtime activist for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender causes, could have been arrested for wearing women’s clothing in the Houston City Council chamber.

Frye, a transgender Houston attorney born as Phillip Frye, fought back tears last week as the mayor appointed her to a municipal bench in the same room where she helped repeal Houston’s “cross-dressing ordinance” in 1980.

“I almost started crying, because I remembered 31 years ago, in that very same chamber, I was subject to arrest,” Frye said.

The 63-year-old will hear traffic ticket cases and other low-level misdemeanor trials. Municipal judges are not elected, she noted.

Two transgender judges in the country now. Wow.

Image: Integrated Male and Female Restroom Sign; Link: Pam's House Blend tag: 'Bathroom'KTRK‘s Controversy over mayor’s transgender order:

HOUSTON (KTRK) – A person who was born a man, but lives life as a woman, was arrested after using the women’s bathroom at a downtown Houston library. But was it really illegal? The confusion has a local pastor’s group calling on the Texas attorney general to decide.

As a transgendered woman, Majanae Chambers is all too familiar with the debate over which bathroom she should use.

“If you live a life as a female, you should go into the female restroom because I went to a male restroom before and I got harassed in a male restroom,” Chambers said.

But just last Wednesday, Houston police arrested a person at the city’s main library for “knowingly entering a restroom of the opposite sex.”

OneNewsNow‘s Lesbianism linked to upbringing:

A recently released study shows a link between childhood family structure and the rate of female homosexuality — undermining the claim that sexual orientation is genetic or biological.

Family Research Council (FRC) looked into the family lives and worship rates of 7,643 women between the ages of 14 and 44. Pat Fagan, senior fellow and director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at FRC, co-evaluated the data and tells OneNewsNow about the findings.

“Once the girl grows up in a home in which her father is not present, it’s about three times” more likely she has had or will have homosexual partners, he says — but when she is raised by parents who are married and “always intact, it’s about a four-percent rate.” Moreover, he explains that rate is “slightly higher in the always-intact-but-cohabitating parents — that’s parents who never married.”

Statistics are also higher with step-families, the cohabiting step-family, and the single divorced parent, adds the FRC spokesman.

“The big take away from this study is that clearly, this [type of sexual behavior] is not genetic,” Fagan points out. “The different rates of homosexuality among women are very reactive to the family structure within which they grow up. If it was genetic, you would find pretty much the same rates all across.”

Consider the source of the survey…I’ll be looking for the Box Turtle Bulletin take on this survey.

• From the Gospel Herald (Self-described as the “Gospel Chinese News Service“>) comes Raise Up Your Hands to Pray for Canada:

If a man feels that he is a woman and walks into a woman washroom or the woman shower/change room in a public facility, this is his gender expression. Any one stops him from doing so can be prosecuted for violating the criminal code.

Will Canada become this kind of nation-state?

The aforementioned Bill C-389 passed the 2nd Reading after its introduction in March of early this year. Then, the Justice Committee concluded in minutes by a 9-2 vote, and now is back in the House of Commons. Third Reading can come as early as the first week of December.

There’s excerpts from a “prayer letter” included at the end of the piece, indicating specific bills and polices — specifically listing Bill C-389 — to pray about.

• Our Wiener Story Of The Day: The Atlantic Wire‘s Redskins Deny Making the Press Eat Terrible Hot Dogs:

Motion graphic: Cartoon of Mustard being applied down the length of a hot dog; Link To Pam's House Blend Tag 'Wieners'So far this week, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has extended the contract of Donovan McNabb against the wishes of Mike Shanahan, seen his team lose by 31 points on Monday night football and been accused of serving the press disgusting, shriveled hot dogs by the Washington City Paper. Of the three, only the last comes as a surprise to Redskins fans, who can be forgiven for assuming Snyder’s big-money, low-logic approach to running the team would include a press box spread of liquified filet mignon and Cornish game hen shot down a beat reporter’s gullet by a Super Soaker wielding celebrity chef.

As it turns out, it’s not like that. NOT AT ALL. Per the City Paper’s tipster, “There were buns off to the side, no napkins, warm water, and maybe one bottle of a condiment. Embarrassing.”

Indeed. So the team’s official blog is attempting to push back against the City Paper’s suggestion…

But as always, “The weenie tempts you!

So anywho…It’s an open thread! What are you thinking about today, or what books or articles have you been reading the past few days? Wanna share?

And again, please feel free to chat, blogwhore, and link-share in the comment thread because…it’s an open thread! Woo-hoo! Emoticon: Dancing happy face character

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