Turkey, Stuffing, and Word Salad for Thanksgiving

Shakespearean wordsmith and author Sarah Palin spoke with ABC journalists, who have been reduced to TMZ correspondents,  about her policy position on her daughters failure to club-foot her way into the McRib-clogged hearts of couchbound-Americans . Using a collection of somewhat strung together related words, Sarah Palin  explained that it is all part of a long journey that begins with a single tit-shimmy:

Asked by ABC’s John Berman if she was disappointed with the results Palin responded “no, not at all.”

“She’s had the journey of, you know the challenge and the improvement and the work ethic. This has been all about work ethic and perseverance and, no, I couldn’t be prouder. She’s happy. She’s very happy,” the former Alaska governor said.

Yes. Perseverance. She used that word.

We also learn from a Note reader that Bristol Palin did very well for someone who has overcome a debilitating handicap that would cause most people to spend their days sitting on the couch watching Dancing With The Stars while waiting for their socialist disability checks to come in the socialist mail:

Politics aside..

What impressed me about Bristol was her bravery through it all. Also, the fact that she is left handed. I’m left handed and it’s an adjustment..you do things like pledge allegience with the wrong hand over your heart, starting off on your left foot when it’s suppose to be your right..etc. So, to me that was a handicap on top of her inexperience..

Perhaps the Learning Channel is interested in taking a break from reality shows featuring poorly-dressed pregnant dwarfs who hoard cupcakes and will produce something truly educational about the heartbreak of lefthandism in a right-handed world.

Bristol Palin’s Lefty America.

Mind you, that’s just a working title….

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