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Roundup and Happy Holidays

Got a plane to catch. Have a safe holiday.

• Michael Hirsh says the systemic risk council has fallen down on the mortgage crisis. Dylan Ratigan had a good piece on the issue, with Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) interviewed.

• More TARP-aganda about how great everything is and how much money the banks have given us and shouldn’t we be nicer to them?

• Bigger financial firms are getting wrapped up in the widening probe into insider trading.

• The US is trying to get China on board with a Security Council resolution condemning North Korea for their artillery fire on a South Korean island. They’re also sending an aircraft carrier to the region for joint military exercises.

• Chris Van Hollen is calling for a full review of the Catfood Commission proposals in the next Congress, even while the AFL-CIO finds that they would cost the country four million jobs.

• Some slim hope that the FCC will actually tackle net neutrality next month. Meanwhile, Bobby Rush gets attacked by Color of Change for his pro-telecom stance on this issue.

• Dramatic hearings for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell are planned next week, with all the top military brass. They’ll take place Thursday and Friday.

• Obama economic team staffing rumors.

• Some California tea partiers are planning an initiative on an Arizona-style immigration law. If it gets to the ballot for the 2012 Presidential primary, where a lot more Republicans will turn out, it will have a good chance of victory.

• The Administration is trying to speed up Atlantic wind projects.

• Republicans on the board of the Consumer Product Safety Commission want to block transparency on which products got bad safety complaints.

• Ellinorianne picks up on my call for donations to legal aid foundations who are helping foreclosure victims.

• Surprise, Iraq’s government doesn’t have any money, people are getting cut off from their benefits.

• Really, John Conyers? You couldn’t wait to get off the public plane before flipping through the latest issue of Playboy?

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David Dayen

David Dayen