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Minnesota Election Recount Hoo-Ha: Now Be Thankful Edition

As we settle into our Turkey Day here in the Great White North — and it really is white this year; this is the first time we’ve had snow on the ground for Thanksgiving since I don’t know when — and think of recounts past and present, I’m thankful for some comedy relief on the part of Norm “Pot Kettle Black” Coleman giving failed Alaska teabagger Republican Joe Miller some friendly advice:

“I think at a certain point in time, you have to have some finality to these things. It should be time to move on. There’s not much that you can gain by extending the process.”

Two things spring immediately to mind:  . . .

1) This is kinda like Alec Baldwin giving anger-management lessons to Rahm Emanuel.
2) Norm’s advice might be better addressed to Tom Emmer, the failed Minnesota teabagger Republican.

Speaking of the current election and recount, and of pots calling kettles black, Steve Singiser points out the utter silliness of the people running the notoriously biased and often inaccurate Gallup poll daring to think they had standing to critique the Humphrey Institute’s polling practices.

In closing, I want to say that I am thankful for Al Franken, whose Senatorial career may have been inspired by Paul Wellstone, but whose intelligence, work ethic and political skills remind me of a Teddy Kennedy minus the mistresses.

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