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I Watched It Happen

I try to remember a time when we were not so dependant. A time when people grew gardens and raised their own chicken and harvested cage free eggs. A time when Grandma baked bread for the entire family and the Milk Man still brought fresh milk and cream to your porch. I remember going to the grocery store once a month to get the things that could not be processed at home like flour and sugar and salt. I remember when an evenings entertainment was the family band, cornmeal on the floor for dancing, and jug of liqour.

Now things are much too hectic. No one has time for a garden and besides that uppity neighbor does’nt like it. City governments will not allow people to harvest their own foods. Covenants and neighborhood associations have put a stop to that. Now we go to the grocery store on average of three to five times a week! Now people just sit and stare at X Box or Playstation or whatever mindless matter that is on the Idiot Box. People have forgotten how to grow their own food and yet they sit and watch it on TV as Green reality shows are the latest rage.

I watched it happen as I grew up. Plastic taking over for glass. Wal Mart taking over for gardens and self reliance.

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Robert E Vaught

Robert E Vaught

I am disabled and stay at home kinda of guy. I play guitar and bother policticans all day. I hope to make an impact soemwhere down the road, not for fame or glory but for the better of humanity.