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When Childhood Heroes Betray You: Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno used to be a role model to many and traveled from time to time to Mexico to promote bodybuilding events. For more images, click on the picture above for the direct link of the site that published this picture online.

By now you have probably seen the reports about several Hollywood actors joining Sheriff Arpaio’s posse of vigilantes hunting down immigrants that try to escape oppressive poverty. The list of actors including Steven Seagal and Peter Lupus were not as much of a shock to me as was the case with Lou Ferrigno. You see, if you grew up in Mexico and you or your brothers were into bodybuilding as a positive activity to better yourself, chances are that you had a poster of Lou Ferrigno on a wall somewhere in your house, looking up to him as an example of determination to follow. In light of this, I can’t even begin to describe how disturbing it is to see Ferrigno join neo-nazi sympathizer Sheriff Arpaio, in a press conference, of all things, to offer Arpaio his unconditional support (click here to access the video).

Regardless of what Ferrigno’s stance is on immigration issues, it is absolutely shameful that he is associating himself with such a bigoted individual like Sheriff Arpaio, a person that is known to ‘pal around’ with neo-nazis. Boy, talk about childhood memories being stomped on…

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