This is definitely good news for John McCain AIPAC:

Fred Hiatt…” I’m delighted to announce that Jennifer Rubin will be joining The Post with the launch of a new blog next month. Jennifer will provide critical news coverage and commentary, with an exacting eye on conservative policy-making and Republican campaigns, pundits and politicians.   From a conservative perspective, she also will cover a wide range of foreign and domestic issues and media controversies. We imagine her blog in some ways as a companion to Greg Sargent’s Plum Line, though of course with its own style and blend of reporting and analysis. With a Republican majority moving into the House and the 2012 Republican primary cycle gearing up, there couldn’t be a better time to bring Jennifer’s fresh perspective and insightful reporting to our readers.”

In the run up to Our Glorious Iraqi Adventure, Condoleezza Rice once reportedly dismissed comments by Doug “The Fucking Stupidest Guy On The Face Of The Earth” Feith by saying “Thanks Doug, but when we want the Israeli position we’ll invite the ambassador.”

I assume that the WaPo knows that this is Jennifer Rubin’s default setting.

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