This author and educator has done as much to make us aware of the destructive dangers of American Empire and hegemony as any single individual has.  He has authored and co-authored over a dozen books, including a look at the last days of the American Republic, and shone a bright light on the more than a thousand US bases in existence world-wide. 

He died the day before yesterday at his home near San Diego at age 79; his health had been failing.  His suffering is over, but many of us grieve his loss, and wish him, his wife Sheila, and the rest of his family Godspeed.

A former CIA Cold Warrior, he came to know American global domination personally.  His last book, Dismantling the Empire: America’s Last Best Hope, was published in August 2010.  He was a contributor to; here is one interview  he did on MIC.

I am strangely saddened and dislocated by the death of this man I never knew. Chalmers Ashby Johnson:  August 6, 1931-November 20, 2010.  Thank you, Mr. Johnson; and rest in peace.

I don’t know how to embed a video, but this one’s for you and the rest of us: