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Obama – Second Small Chance

Presidents rarely get a second chance when presented with great opportunity and blowing it.

When George Bush stood on the 9/11 rubble with a fireman and blowhorn he could have asked the American people for anything that would unify us rather than divide us worse…and he blew it. Barak Obama won a historic election on Change and sold out his principles before negotiations even began. You name it he gave away the ranch on healthcare, financial regulation, DADT, DREAM , the budget. When the Republican opposition clearly signaled a scorched earth policy he never adapted. No matter how he paints the pig Obama presided over one of the great debacles of American history given the loss of Congress, governorships, redistricting — the downstream implication are enormous, even judges. And to who — the idiots who caused the burning down, who are held in more disrepute than Dems…and he still lost. Whatever self pleasuring intellectual balm they keep applying the  result is the same massive loss and betrayal.

Yet, he gets a second chance (unfortunately I doubt he has the capacity of the obvious, a normal outcome when technocrats are Presidents). Most Americans were really not engaged in the election — lotsa data shows this now. Dems are lousy at getting their message out and or counterpunching the pitbull Republican insanity that gets them elected — they make up “facts” and stay dead on message until the electorate is brainwashed. Dems only win over Reps when the Reps finally go to far and clearly define themselves to the public in clear edges…them Dems win by default. The opportunity is here. In under one month it can be done.  Force the Reps to vote now on DADT, DREAM, START Treaty, Tax Cut for Middle Class only — etc. Even in loss the Reps will have so clearly etched their position rational Dems can punch them for the next two years.

Obamas “let’s find common ground” will get him and the Dems constantly pummeled, on defense and in perpetual loss.



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