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Gawker Blinks, Pulls Palin Pulp Pap; Palingates Pumps More Pages

The American gossip blog, Gawker, which last week hawked a number of excerpts from Sarah Palin’s upcoming book, America by Heart, flinched in the face of a threatened lawsuit against them by Harper-Collins, the book’s publisher. They removed their post about the books and any references to it late Friday and early Saturday.

The European blog, Palingates is continuing to publish new excerpts, including screen shots from the text itself. Last week, after receiving a letter from Harper-Collins attorney and senior vice president, Christopher Goff, who requested that Patrick Palingates remove the material, Patrick removed some pages, but has since published several more in two subsequent long, detailed essays. Gawker‘s piece was a bagatelle cmpared to Palingates‘ thoroughly annotated articles.

It is yet unclear why Harper-Collins has threatened to sue Gawker, but has only sent a single boiler-plate letter to Palingates, the source of most of the leaked excerpts last week. Several hundred blogs have picked up the excerpts from one source or another, and Palin’s dishonest characterization of Michelle Obama and uncharitable mentions of the Obama kids have raised the eyes of many, as they should.

I spoke Friday with Patrick. He expressed his desire to “see this through.” I suspect Harper-Collins has backed away from heightening the profile of Palingates through an international lawsuit, because of their and Palin’s concerns about giving more prominence to the fascinating trove of information about Sarah Palin cached at the most followed of non-Alaskan progressive blogs that closely track the failed governor.  . . .

Palingates is a shoestring operation, run by two to three people who also have day jobs. Palingates is the most prominent of the Trig Truth sites, which claim that Sarah Palin is not Trig Palin’s birth mother. A run through the comments will show anyone previously unfamiliar with the blog that it has a large, well-informed, international following. The current front page leading article, inelegantly titled Sarah Palin’s next grand slam: Hollywood filmmakers “disparage the war effort”,”trash what the troops fight for”, show “reflexive anti-Americanism,” has over 1,800 comments. The main blog post about the Harper-Collins lawsuit threat against Gawker and Palingates‘ role in the affair at Palin’s main fan shrine, Conservatives4Palin, has 48 comments. Here’s a smpling from the comments at the Palinbot shrine:

[question:] Why aren’t they suing the originator of the postings? If they can go after Gawker, then they should have a range of people that they can sue.

[response:] The Pig Palace was placed overseas specifically to avoid this kind of legal entanglement. I have always suspected Soros was behind those people, but to the point-the Pig Palace can really do anything it wants because it’s behind a German legal firewall.

Cue Glenn Beck and his chalkboard, eh? The next sample is from a Palinbot who is obviously new to C4P. You can tell, because the commenter doesn’t, when referring to Palin, capitalize “She”:

I’m still wondering if legally Fair Use goes to exact copy and paste of pages contained within the book or if sites that have typed out portions are also in this mix. If the second case, Huff Po can be sued. If not, I’d suggest she not allow Publishers to send out advanced copies.

And at C4P, there’s always a conspiracy behind the actions of people who question Her:

A lot of the comments at TMZ are alleging that the powder is all a publicity stunt cooked up – by the Palins – to either get Bristol the sympathy vote or to detract people from “facebookgate.” You know the commenters are from the rabid hate Palin people when they use the “gate” term.

At any rate, Palingates is probably safe to continue running excerpts of this trashy book right up to its debut. How much good could it do Palin, with a 22% favorability rating among Americans to sue a site where one can click on the following topics with ease:

New York City Mosque Controversy
CSU Stanislaus speech
Babygate (Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy)
Troopergate – Sarah Palin’s “vindictive streak”

Pebble mine
Alaska Natives
Civil rights
Big oil
Alaska Independence Party
Special needs

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