No, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is not more popular than Obama, Michelle.  But it is just as popular as Clinton, Hillary. Nothing is more popular than passing the START treaty, which makes it, apparently, a prime Republican target.

And while marriage equality is more popular than Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin is in better shape than people think this country is in.  Mitt Romney is disliked by less people than is Bill Clinton.  While just as many people want the health care bill extended or kept as is as do people who want tax cuts to continue except for those making $250K or more.

Nancy Pelosi can be glad that she’s more appreciated than the bank bailout (talk about damning with faint praise…)  As for Congress?  Well, we shouldn’t mention Congress in polite company.  It’s unpopularity might frighten the children.  

You don’t believe me?  Statistics can’t lie!  See for yourself.Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who or What’s The Most Popular Of All?

Pass START Treaty (1):     73% vs 23%   +50%

Michelle Obama fav (2):    66% vs 25%   +41%

DADT repeal (3):           62% vs 31%   +31%

Bill Clinton fav (4):      63% vs 33%   +30%

Hillary Clinton fav (4):   63% vs 34%   +29%

Expire taxcuts > 250K (5): 48% vs 45%   +3%

President Obama fav (6):   49% vs 47%   +2%

Health Care bill (7):      48% vs 48%   +0%

Mitt Romney fav (8):       33% vs 32%   +1%

Marriage equality (9):     46% vs 49%   -3%

President Obama app (10):  45% vs 50%   -5%

Sarah Palin fav (11):      40% vs 51%   -11%

Nancy Pelosi (12):         30% vs 55%   -25%

Bank bailout (13):         34% vs 60%   -26%

Country right track (14):  30% vs 61%   -31%  

Congress app (15):         19% vs 75%   -54%


There are many things this country is divided about. The President. Health care.  Afghanistan. Marriage equality.

There are some things everyone hates (bailouts, Congress).

But DADT repeal and START are not these things.  What on Earth is Congress even thinking about wrt to these issues?  Just how low do they want their popularity to go?

Therefore, as a serious student of statistics and concerned citizen, I propose the following adjustments to our current unfortunate situation:

  • Michelle Obama: President.
  • Sarah Palin: Exile to Alaska, as per Barbara’s Bush’s order.
  • Banks: tax them triple until unemployment is less than 5%.
  • Congress: Forced passage of START and DADT repeal, then consignment of them all to stand trial with the Queen of Hearts as judge and jury.

(1) Only one recent poll

(2) Gallup favorability, July 2010

(3) Average of all polls taken in 2010

(4) stats

(5) Average of five polls asking specific question

(6) average

(7) Latest Quinipiac and CNN polls, averaged

(8) average

(9) Average of three polls in 2010 asking only same-sex marriage vs not (no civil union option)

(10) average

(11) average

(12) stats

(13) Average of three polls asking directly about a ‘bank bailout’

(14) average

(15) Average of last five polls by different outfits