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Why? Why? Why Senator McCain? Why?

Why are you denying our gay and lesbian service members the same dignity, respect, and honor that you were afforded while in the military serving this country and in which you have been basking ever since getting out of the military? Why are you blocking repeal of DADT? Why?
Do you not see how this appears to the sane people watching this farce play out? You don't look honorable or dignified or respectable right now Senator. You look more like an angry, bitter, homophobic old man who hates everyone right now, but especially that guy in the White House who didn't wait his turn to be President like you did.
As an Arizona resident (born and raised), I am one of your constituents. But you have moved so far over to the right that I don't even recognize you anymore. So far rightward, you absolutely do NOT represent me or anything I believe in anymore. In fact I don't even think you represent most Arizonans anymore either. Your political stands have moved so radically rightward, I actually believe your positions on many things are the antithesis of everything I thought you fought for when you served this country with honor and dignity.
How could you deny any man or woman willing to risk their life to serve this country the same things you took for granted in the military. In your quiet moments when you are not steeping in your own self-pity and seething anger over what-could-have-been, do you not find what you are doing loathsome, hateful, and unAmerican? Do you like who you have become? Do you like telling people like Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first American wounded in the Iraq war breaking an arm and losing his leg to a landmine, that his sacrifices weren't as good as yours or that he is not as worthy of honor and dignity as you because he is gay? Is his sacrifice somehow less than yours? Can you look his mother and father in the eyes and tell them why his service and sacrifices don't afford him the same dignity and respect yours have afforded you?
For the sane among us, and on this issue sir, that would include most Americans, you are so tragically wrong, so insanely wrong, that I find myself questioning why you are still my Senator. And for me, a mother with a gay son who was one of your sons' (Jack) classmates I am horrified by this ugly, mean, illogical stand that you are taking. You are not protecting troop cohesion sir, you are not protecting troop morale sir, you are not protecting troop readiness sir. No Senator, sadly the only thing you are protecting is the right of the homophobes and the bigots to continue to be homophobes and bigots. Is that what you want your legacy to be? Because that will be what you will be remembered for.
History will not be kind to you on this issue Senator. And that is a shame. I do not like you anymore, I do not respect you anymore, and I do not admire you anymore, but I will not forget the good man you used to be. Sadly though, even that memory is fading fast and being replaced with the image of a bully who is taking his ball and going home – simply because he can.

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Seething Mom

Seething Mom