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I was only gone for a week in October, but while I was away quite a few of the neighborhood’s trees changed colors. This morning, after last night’s storm, wet leaves carpeted my walk to the train. Fall is speeding past us… winter will be here soon. It is now time for hot apple cider, cocoa, and cider doughnuts. I thought I’d look for a recipe for cider doughnuts, since some of the people who read these threads are actual cooks. I found several via Google, but the one I like best is this one from SmittenKitchen. Great photos… and all around aesthetically pleasing, according to my blogging sensibilities. She even includes photos of the doughnut holes. How great is that?! Besides… there’s a picture of an adorable baby, too, and he’s wearing a onesie with argyle socks!

Unfortunately, SK’s cider doughnut recipe is not the sort of food I am allowed to eat these days, given my sensitivity to wheat, but I do buy frozen doughnuts in the supermarket on occasion, from Kinnikinnick. And their cinnamon-sugared ones are the closest I will ever find to cider doughnuts. So… I’ll just have to drink some hot cider along with them. No biggie.

If you have any favorite Thanksgiving recipes you would like to share, now is the time. Thanksgiving will be here soon, and we’ll all be shopping and cooking for that often tryptophan-laden dinner – unless you are vegetarian or a vegan, in which case you’ll be eating something other than turkey. I always love trying a new new recipe, and hopefully, you will find one here that someone you already know online has mastered and can recommend. Please feel free to include links.

Our dinner is always a bit complicated, given that we have one vegetarian, and I cannot eat wheat, but somehow, we manage. I often make a few side dishes for myself and we’ll probably have both lasagna for everyone who can eat it and some kind of tofurkey for Paul.

Does anyone have their Thanksgiving menu planned already? Would you like to tell us about it? Are there any special recipes that you are looking for? Someone here may have already prepared what you would like to serve.

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