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Come Saturday Morning: Minnesota Conservatives — They Can’t Handle the Truth

There seems to have been twin outbreaks of bullshittery and dipshittery in the North Star State last week. The first involves a dumbass James O’Keefe wannabee named Pierre “Pete” Arnold III, also known as “The Pete” and “Zeeboid”. The second involves a dumbass faux-Mexican restaurant mogul wannabee and Republican Party of Minnesota Chair named Tony Sutton and a dumbass Republican consultant named Diana Bratlie, the person Sutton thought would make a good witness for his latest nuisance lawsuit in the Dayton-Emmer governor’s race recount.

Starting with the first dumbass, we first encountered him this week pretending to be sincerely soliciting the opinions of people as to whether or not his wife should have an abortion — which, considering he is notorious online for being a rather trollish anti-choicer, immediately set off the bullshit detectors of all who saw his website and poll.

As for the second set of dumbasses, the UpTake reports the following information concerning Diana Bratlie:

As The UpTake documented in 2008,
Diana Bratlie has been paid thousands of dollars by Representative Kline for political research, and has a history of making inaccurate claims about facts, figures and DFL candidates’ stances on issues. In 2008, The UpTake witnessed Bratlie attempting to tell the media that the DFL candidate running against Kline had just said he didn’t want to drill for oil anywhere. She then repeated that claim in a letter to the editor published in the Eagan “This Week” newspaper. A replay of the news conference on which Bratlie based that statement clearly showed that not to be the case.

Speaking of which, the UpTake video in question is at the top of this post.

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