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H.E.R.O Protest and Legacy Gift to John McCain

Phoenix based Human and Equal Rights Organizers (H.E.R.O) staged a protest against John McCain Thursday morning in front of his Phoenix office over his opposition to the repeal of DADT timed to coincide with the Senate Armed Services Committee being in session.  The protest included a 40 ft banner which echoed back at him his campaign slogan “Character Matters”.  As a part of the protest a mock magazine cover was created dated November 4, 2014 showing how McCain's legacy will be viewed in the not too far distant future.

Magazine cover given to John McCain

It describes McCain as “The Last American Bigot” and shows a depiction of him gazing in mirror and seeing the image of George Wallace.  In each of McCain's offices he has a wall of magazine covers which featured him, and this cover was offered to be included on his wall.

We have another larger protest action planned for Friday in front of McCain's Phoenix residence to greet him as he returns to Arizona for the Thanksgiving recess, and other actions planned for the coming weeks.

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