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Help with the Progressive Strategy Handbook

In light of the 2010 wipeout for Democrats, we’ve all been taking stock of where to go next. The recent George Soros kerfuffle about “looking somewhere else” is a perfect example of the debate about where to invest our resources for the next two years and beyond.

The argument for investing in movement-building, towards progressive infrastructure outside of the Democratic Party is getting stronger and stronger, and you can read calls for it everywhere. I really hope the debate among big donors breaks away from dumping everything into 2012 attack ads and significantly towards long-term projects that will stand beyond the next election. Regardless of the decisions made by Democratic billionaires, we can put our resources towards movement building.

Joe Brewer, Founder and Director of Cognitive Policy Works and former staff member of George Lakoff’s think tank the Rockridge Institute, has launched a project along with Eric Haas and Sara Robinson.

(More about them here)

They intend to write a booklet called The Progressive Strategy Handbook that will provide:

1.  A rallying cry to progressives for taking bold action
2.  Clarity around this historic moment we find ourselves in as a nation
3.  Strategies for addressing the profound threats to our democracy and
4.  A vision for new forms of civic action.

But it’s a starting point, not an end in itself.

As Joe writes “I intend for the Progressive Strategy Handbook to become part of a larger campaign to mobilize progressives across the country around a set of goals that tip the political discourse in our favor.

I pitched in a little money and am doing my best to promote it.

Follow This Link for More

The feelings of powerlessness among progressives will only end when we work together and build strong movements to change the power dynamic of our country’s politics. We see this strategy handbook as one tool among many that will be needed to achieve victory in the long run.

Please check it out, follow their progress, spread the word and, because this is a crowdbased funding project, donate.  The deadline to launch is less than a month away.

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