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FAIL part 2: Bryan Fischer takes another crack at the 'feminization' of the Medal of Honor

Bryan Fischer, the “Director of Issues Analysis” of the American Family Association hate machine, got a virtual ass-kicking all over the Internets for his um, moronic and offensive column the other day. He bleated that the Medal of Honor has been ‘feminized’ because it’s no longer being awarded to soldiers who rack up a high-enough body count.

“”[W]e now award it only for preventing casualties, not for inflicting them…We have feminized the Medal of Honor,” Fischer wrote. He also quoted General Patton: “Gen. George Patton once famously said, ‘The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his.'”

So what does Fischer do? Apparently try, try, again works in fundie world. Alas it does not in the reality-based world. Take a look at this “clarification” laff-fest, “The feminization of the Medal of Honor – Part II” —

The blowback to my column of two days ago, in which I argued that we seem to have become reluctant to award the Medal of Honor to those who take aggressive action against the enemy and kill bad guys, has been fierce. It has been angry, vituperative, hate-filled, and laced with both profanity and blasphemy.

…I’m not saying that our soldiers have become feminized in the least, especially those who have earned the Medal of Honor. It’s not our soldiers who have become feminized, it is the awards process that has become feminized.

What I am saying is that I am observing a trend in which we single out bravery in self-defense and yet seem hesitant to single out bravery in launching aggressive attacks that result in the deaths of enemy soldiers.

Fischer, who has not served in the military, still doesn’t understand the criticism lobbed at him because he touts his bloodlust yet again. We are the feeble ones, you see, because we are just not paying attention to the muscular, ass-kicking Jesus and have become a bunch of wimps.

Jesus, in words often cited in ceremonies such as the one which will take place this afternoon, said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lays down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). So it is entirely right that we honor this kind of bravery and self-sacrifice, which is surely an imitation of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

I’m not sure there is a clearer or more forceful way for me to say it than I did right there, that we surely ought to continue doing what we have done, which is to grant our highest award for valor to those who risk their lives and even forfeit them, as our Lord and Savior did, in defending the lives of their friends.

It is striking that a certain amount of the criticism I have received actually verifies my thesis. In response to my call to also honor those who have killed bad guys in defense of our country, I have been called everything from savage to brute to bloodthirsty to anti-American to un-American to traitor to  “expletives deleted” to the antichrist himself.

Surely some of this supports my contention that we have become too squeamish to honor such valor. It’s almost as if it embarrasses us, as if we feel there is something inappropriate about awarding our highest honor to those who kill the enemy in battle. It is as if our culture has become so soft and so feminized that it makes us enormously uncomfortable to think about praising such actions. It’s like we know such warfare needs to be waged, but we’re hoping we don’t have to find out very much about it.

Let’s just say this revisionism of his first piece has generated some feedback in his comments section that confirm FAIL part 2 for Fischer. See a few choice ones below the fold.

Bryan, you are an incredibly embarassing person for Christians. The public sees people like you and avoids the church for the very fear of being lumped in with your ungratefulness of our military and your homophobia. I’ll pray that God helps you realize that criticism isn’t the way to aknowledge our armed forces or anyone for that matter.

I don’t see anything in the many and varied responses to your thoughts that match the profanity and hate-filled stupidity of your two blog posts. Of course, matching the war-like anger of the Old testament God to the loving meekness of Jesus is a job no logical brain could complete. But as a point of history, 19 soldiers won the Medal of Honor at the Little Big Horn by filling canteens under fire. Perhaps too “girlie” for you, Bryan, but I’d love to hear about your combat record.


What is truly hilarious is that you essentially say “We should especially honor the soldiers who kill exceptional numbers of enemies because that’s what Jesus would do.” Um, perhaps you should re-read the New Testament for content.


Bryan, The reason there is so much “blowback” from your article is very simple. Every article that you write, every broadcast on afa, is full of hate and ignorance. You should be grateful that you have an outlet to spew your filth and get paid for it. Assuming that there is a God, you will have a lot to answer for.


What happened to “Blessed are the peace makers?” This entire episode makes me sad.


Wow, Chickenhawk, you sure have some “stones”! You say, “It’s like we know such warfare needs to be waged, but we’re hoping we don’t have to find out very much about it.” How about we task you to pick-up the enemy’s pieces after a missile strike and you can smell and feel your victory.


Sgt. Giunta got the Medal of Honor for shooting and killing two Afghanis who were trying to drag off his injured buddy. He didn’t do so by singing “Kumbayah” at them. In other words, your whole thesis is founded on your own lack of reading comprehension.


Bless your heart, Mr. Fischer. Bless your heart. I learned long ago that you can’t reason with ignorance or hate. If there’s tremendous “blowback” to your column, you might take the weekend to review your words and deeds to see why so many people are offended by your thought processes and interpretation of scripture.


Wow, Brian. You took a caning over the previous article and, instead of learning, continue to make exactly the same mistakes, over and over again. Tell you what lad, you do a couple of tours on the front with actual real soldiers/heroes in Afghanistan, then come back to us with your ideas.


Speaking as the son and grandson of members of the military i am appalled by this. Something that i was told throughout my young life was that a soldiers duty was to protect and defend his country and brothers in arms, only to kill when necessary and never to take joy from it. You say that the scriptures praise high amounts of dead, have you ever been to a battlefield? have you seen the horrors of war? until you have sit down and shut up. you know nothing of what you speak.


After reading your follow-up I’m still not buying it. Your use of the term ‘feminized’ in this context is offensive and stupid. Check your history: many who received the Medal of Honor died while defending their comrades, and valor and honor do not depend on a body count. Sorry, but I think it’s typical and ridiculous that you’ve never served in our military, yet feel free to pontificate…


So you write an entire follow-up article castigating the masses for not understanding how completely, totally and unbelievable right you were but you’ve removed the original article from your blog-roll? Way to stand by what you wrote, tough guy.


Nope, you’re still a wimpy chickenhawk. Were these column have been written by a warrior, we could have considered them intellectually. As it is, we have a person who uses feminization as an implied negative, while remaining able to weasel out because you twice made a point of praising that action. You need to join the military, rise through the ranks, and help change its culture. After all, it is the military you are criticizing. And that is truly admirable, to criticize the military during wartime. That takes a lot of nerve. Good luck.

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