“It isn’t fair, it isn’t right,” David Gergen screamed, and then they were upon him.

Following the recent election where America threw off the oppressive yoke of the Kenyan Socialist Reign of  Tyranny and Negroness and walked into the comforting arms of Mama Grizzly Grifter , Rolling Stone invited Matt Taibbi to sit down with a couple of Beltway Villagers where the Villagers (played by pollster Peter Hart and political prostitute David Gergen) proceeded to dispense bland pronouncements  like automated  conventional wisdom Pez dispensers. Well, fortunately for us,  Taibbi don’t play that game and that led to this exchange regarding America’s fledgling Special Needs Party:

Hart: We asked Republicans who are part of the Tea Party — slightly more than 20 percent of registered voters — if they consider themselves first and foremost to be a Tea Party person or a Republican. Half of them said, “I’m Tea Party through and through.” That underscores exactly what Matt is saying.

Gergen: If it were not for the extra boost of enthusiasm the Tea Party provided, I imagine the Republicans would have won only 40 to 50 seats, instead of the 60-plus they gained. But the Tea Party also makes it harder in the future for Republicans to maintain a coherent party. Matt is right that they will have a large voice in the nomination process in 2012. But one cannot discount that someone could arise, as Reagan did in the past, who can bridge the differences within the party and keep people united.

Taibbi: To me, the main thing about the Tea Party is that they’re just crazy. If somebody is able to bridge the gap with those voters, it seems to me they will have to be a little bit crazy too. That’s part of the Tea Party’s litmus test: “How far will you go?”

Gergen: I flatly reject the idea that Tea Partiers are crazy. They had some eccentric candidates, there’s no question about that. But I think they represent a broad swath of the American electorate that elites dismiss to their peril.

Hart: I agree with David. When two out of five people who voted last night say they consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party, we make a huge mistake to suggest that they are some sort of small fringe group and do not represent anybody else.

Taibbi: I’m not saying that they’re small or a fringe group.

Gergen: You just think they’re all crazy.

Taibbi: I do.

Gergen: So you’re arguing, Matt, that 40 percent of those who voted last night are crazy?

Taibbi: I interview these people. They’re not basing their positions on the facts — they’re completely uninterested in the facts. They’re voting completely on what they see and hear on Fox News and afternoon talk radio, and that’s enough for them.

Gergen: The great unwashed are uneducated, so therefore their views are really beneath serious conversation?

Taibbi: I’m not saying they’re beneath serious conversation. I’m saying that these people vote without acting on the evidence.

Gergen: I find it stunning that the conversation has taken this turn….

It’s not surprising that Gergen clutches his pearls over a conversation that doesn’t follow the oh-so-proper courtesies of the Sunday Gasbag circuit where the temperature rarely rises above a comfortable tepid. Nor is it surprising that Gergen defends the Tea Baggers since he has made a career of  first gauging which way the political winds are blowing before dropping to his knees and fellating the party  ascendant. But if Gergen thinks that the Tea Baggers are going to clutch him to their collective flag-pinned chests as a champion for their cause, he is in for a rude surprise. The only thing a TeaPartier hates more than a Kenyan Socialist is an impure courtesan who services both parties. As it stands now Gergen lives one twitter twat from Sarah Palin or a Glenn Beck cocaine-binge Nazi/Soros  fever dream away from having the howling Teatard mob sicced upon him where they will track him down, tear him apart, and eat his still living flesh.

Those Medicare-financed mobility scooters are faster than they look and Gergen isn’t getting any younger, ya’know…

(Just a reminder that Taibbi will be joining us on Saturday 11/27 to talk banksters and grifters and vampire squid. Oh my)

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