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The 21st Century American Version of Democracy

Many of us need to fly. If we fly today and don’t want to be exposed to radiation then we must endure molestation.

If we want to take the train it costs more in time and money then the plane. 49 hours and 41 minutes to get from Sacramento to New Orleans via Chicago. And it costs over $500 one way. The bus is about the same price but only takes 30 hours. Flying costs around $400 round trip.

The banksters are refusing to cram down the mortgages that are underwater. More people are walking away from their homes making the housing crisis worse. The government is aiding and abetting the banksters. The no cram down rule is pretzel logic. The value of homes continues to go down.

Fifty nine million Americans don’t have health insurance. Our economy cannot compete with other economies due to the always escalating cost of health care and health insurance. If we fixed this we could compete. Never mind that it would be the kind and moral thing to do and save lives.

We elect politicians to fix our problems. They don’t listen. The Citizens United SCOTUS decision handed our democracy over to the corporations. To vote or not to vote, that is the question. The answer is that our votes have been neutered by the most radical supreme court in one hundred and fifty years.

Too big to fail banks have been bailed out. The crooks who run the banking system should be in jail. Since they are not then we will have to bail out the too big to fail banks again.

As a country we invade other countries in the guise of self protection; killing thousands of innocent people for our own profit and greed……..

Unfortunately, I could go on and on with this diary. Everyone reading this knows every bit of it. But I just cannot get the image out of my head of a hysterical three year old little girl climbing up her mother while a TSA agent terrorizes her body and soul.  Is the TSA’s need to touch the most vulnerable among us on their genitals the tipping point? If not, my God, what is?

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