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Tea Party Senator Kelly Ayotte Caught in Another Lie.

Keep watching this Free Press case unfold over the NH – MA border between the pesky reporter and the evasive Senator-Elect. In the latest round the KingCast Plaintiff fired off new raw video that he claims shows he was never a threat to Ayotte’s personal space. Indeed it looks like he is behaving as any reporter would in this video. He’s definitely got a bead on her but he doesn’t interrupt her while she’s talking to anyone else. I don’t see what’s wrong with his conduct at all. Supposedly he was acting out of line on other occasions, but I don’t buy it. That would hurt his case if they could ever show that.

The guy is trying to sue because they publicly advertised events and held them on commercial property with city permitting, and allowed other lapdog media to attend but not him. Free Press is a Fundamental Right so the Elephants are going to look pretty bad if this case goes the distance.

The video.

I hope there is a Jury Trial for this one.

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