When his campaign was still in its infancy last year, Rand Paul sat down with Alex Jones, the nutcase conspiracy monger radio personality based in Austin, Texas. There’s lots of crazy in here — equating police profiling with “thought crimes,” calling Obama supporters “brownshirts,” comparing medical treatment with buying a cell phone, expressing skepticism about the swine flu vaccine — and of course, the obligatory Hitler fear-mongering.

You had the money destroyed in Germany in 1923, and out of that chaos came Hitler who promised that these awful people were the ones doing this to you and we need to round the up and put them in camps. And the liberties just went out the window. But people actually democratically voted in Hitler. And I worry about that again in our country.

As pointed out previously, all of that is wrong.

In retrospect, it’s pretty easy to see why Mitch McConnell wanted no part of Paul. People who give rambling, paranoid interviews to reality-challenged lunatics like Alex Jones do not belong in the United States Senate.

But that’s where we are.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan