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Homeowners, Tell Your Stories!

Tuesday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing on foreclosure fraud was liveblogged at Firedoglake by David Dayen and Marcy Wheeler. This morning, CNN is giving a front-page link on their website to video of a disruption in the hearing. As Chase Home Lending CEO David Lowman began his testimony, a staged demonstration broke out, as a group stood up in unison, unfurled a banner reading “Dave Lowman Lies” and urged homeowners to “Tell Your Stories.”

It’s really quite remarkable that this demonstration gets such attention from CNN. Let’s hope that it is an indication that more of the media is beginning to understand just how widespread foreclosure fraud has become and the devastating impact it is having on families.

Increased attention from corporate media is important, because the next steps in the attempts to cover up the fraud are underway. Over the weekend, bmaz pointed out that there may be an effort soon in Congress to retroactively immunize MERS from the fines it should owe counties for failing to register multiple transfers of mortgages and there were hints Tuesday that the attempt to provide a legislative fix for improper notarizations may be coming back as soon as today.

Oh, and for those who have been paying attention, David Dayen has been telling the stories of homeowners for months, with his daily stories and his moving series on Portraits of HAMP Failure.

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