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Good news – all systems go for surgery on Monday

I have the vlog entry over in the margin, but just wanted to post the good news here – my tough regimen has paid off…I do a little Carol Merrill display of my medical doo-hickey devices.

It’s an update on my success at keeping my diabetes under tight control with a really tough regimen of frequent blood sugar tests, 2 shots of Lantus/day, 1 shot of Victoza, and 4 Humalog needles most days. Good news is in the numbers – my A1C = 8.5 (down from >11), fructosomine test has my 2 week BGs at normal (non-diabetic) levels. The downside is that I’ve been experiencing low blood sugar episodes at pretty bad levels (many below 60) on a regular basis, so I have to keep Starburst or Sweetarts with me all the time.

My results were faxed to my surgeon by my fabulous family nurse practitioner Kathy, and my surgeon was pleased with the numbers, so the slice and dice can go ahead.

My hysterectomy will likely be laproscopic, which means my abdomen will be off limits for injections. I’ll have to go for the back of my arms, thighs, and argh, the posterior. I hope I don’t have to keep as strict a regimen as this once I’m healed up, but I’ll have to see what my endo says.

The last week has been hard since I was having my last cycle while on the road at my sister-in-law’s wedding, but I made it. As of today it’s been 8 days and this period is getting a “second wind” from the fibroids — for god’s sake, I’m really weak this AM.

I am wrapping things up for my last day at work today. My brother and his family are coming down to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with us since I’ll be laid up next week.

Many thanks to the baristas, guest posters and diarists who have been providing rich content (and um, getting arrested for the cause) for you while I’ve been either busy with the above nonsense, or severely under the weather from fibroid-induced pain. I’ll probably do one more vlog the night before surgery.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding