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My answer to intrusive airport security: kilts!


I’ve flown in kilts: when you are a guy and have to sit for several hours, they are far more comfortable than pants. I’ve never worn them “properly” when flying, though. I think it is time to change that policy.

If some minimum-wage federal clerk wants to fondle the boys, why should I make it difficult for him? I mean, since they are going to strip me of my dignity anyway….

“No, really, you do not want me to remove my belt.”

I would encourage all men to do the same. There is no need to buy a traditional Scottish and go in full regalia; a nice modern kilt is less expensive, much easier to take care of and goes nicely with comfy shoes and a t-shirt or polo. (Modern kilts can still be pricey, but they are guaranteed never to wear out in the crotch and knees.) Utilikilt and Amerikilt are two brands I highly recommend.

Just, please, don’t wrap yourself in a tartan table runner and call it a kilt, ok? You deserve to be detained and arrested if you do.

The times I’ve flown kilted, I had no problem with security. I have had trouble from the metal snaps, which resulted in getting wanded; other than that, just some funny looks and a lot of compliments. I haven’t done it recently, but I think I should, just to see what happens under the new “security” measures.

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Gregory Gadow

Gregory Gadow