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GetEqual to Deputy WH CoS Messina: “What’s Your Plan?” [VIDEO]

Jim Messina, Deputy White House Chief of Staff in Charge of Lying to the LGBT Community About Obama’s Lack of Progress on Our Behalf, attending his Common Purpose meeting, where he instructs the members of the ‘progressive’ Veal Pen in this week’s support required for the president, was met with angry GetEqual demonstrators, who asked him, “What’s the Plan?” and “Keep Your Promise!”

Messina and HRC’s Joe Solmonese told the LGBT community, famously, that “the president has a plan” for repealing DADT in 2010. There’s another six weeks left in this calendar year for Messina to keep his, and Obama’s, and Solmonese’s, promise. How are they going to repeal DADT when they are not even talking to GOP Senate offices?

This is the kind of direct action the cocktail-weinie set finds most unsettling: real people yelling real questions about real issues while they dart in and out of elite DeeCee hotels for secret meetings with issues lobbyists and White House staffers who aren’t doing much of anything at all to advance the issues they are raising money on throughout the year.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge