Sarah Palin’s Goodtime Snowbilly Grifter Hour of Alaska Stuff

As you may have heard on the internets  and the television box, Sarah Palin’s new docudrama comedy show premiered on TLC last night; TLC being just like the BET network, but for white people who like everything about BET except for all of the negroes. You, being a person of superior taste, probably did not watch Sarah Palin’s show because the vast wasteland contains many other watchable gems on Sunday night like HBO shows with lots of swears and boobies, arid C-SPAN commentary by people who could bore an actuary to death, and Korean game shows (check you local listings).

My plan, to be carried out with the best of intentions, was to review each episode (ala America’s Worst Mother) on the following Monday. Unfortunately, life got in the way today so we’ll just have to pick it up next week.  At which time we will do a “previously on Sarah Palin’s Goodtime Snowbilly Grifter Hour of Alaska Stuff, Piper rolls her eyes behind her mother and calls her a bitch, Willow’s boyfriend gets cockblocked by Sarah, hearing Todd Palin actually speak will make you wonder what ever happened to Jeff Boomhauer, and Sarah reveals a hitherto unknown tramp stamp that simply says ‘mush’.”

And, no, it’s not a “safe” word.

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