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DADT Repeal Turning Into Political Chaos

Before the lame duck session of the present congress got under way today there was already much skepticism that the DADT repeal amendment contained in the defense authorization bill would actually get passed. However what we have qualifies as a full blown political three ring circus.

Over the week-end Sen, McCain got face time on the talk shows with his attempt to derail things by calling for yet another multi-million dollar study. If at first you don’t get the results you want, study, study, study again.

GetEqual is mounting demonstrations at several sites at the Capitol and at the White House. Their day started with a vigil at the grave of Leonard Matlovitch.

However, the great surprise of the day is that three groups that have been participants in the fight for repeal Out Serve, Knights Out and the Palm Center have all endorsed a position of stripping the repeal amendment from the defense authorization bill in hopes that it will win passage without it. This appears to be a pro-military rather than an anti-gay position.

This development has sent various other groups The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Servicemember Legal Defense Network (SLDN), Servicemembers United (SU) and the Center for American Progress (CAP) taking a position that the repeal amendment should not be stripped from the bill.

The White House has been thoroughly silent on the issue. It is suggested that the president is busy looking for a basketball team that he can talk to.

Is it possible to make a bigger circus out of this?

Is it possible that a constructive solution can come out of this chaos?

I strongly doubt it at this point.

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Richard Lyon

Richard Lyon