Take The Money And Run (Updated with totally immature suggestion)

Send this boy to fat camp

Having learned the hard way, the usual gang of idiots over at National Review decided to have their fundraiser before they took off on their cruise on the SS Hayek Kayak, which means that they’ll have more walking around money for duty free alcohol and cigarettes.

And if you gave your last dime to NRO to prevent the shutdown of NRO’s William F. Buckley Jr. Memorial 24-hour Pudding Fountain, don’t worry… there will be twitter twats:

Just landed in Ft. Lauderdale for the NR (fundraising) post-election cruise. Will be sharing details from sessions with Rich Lowry, Andy McCarthy, Bing West, Scott Rasmussen, Ralph Reed, Ed Whelan, Karl Rove and so many more on Facebook, Twitter, and here. I know money is tight and it’s hard to get off work and school, and want to make sure you get to be a part of it, too.

Which means that you won’t be getting a t-shirt that says: I went on a cruise with Phyllis Schlafly and I all I got was this erectile dysfunction

(Updated) If you’re one of those twitter-twatting types with time on your hands, the National Review folks have created a Twitter hash tag (#nrcruise) to update the rubes their anxious left behind readers about all of the doings on the Lido deck. Please feel free to, oh, how should I put this … (make shit up) embroider tales of a more colorful and exciting ocean-going experience.

I know. I know. I am  sooooooo totally immature.


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