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Food Sunday: ‘Maters In November? Oh My!

Garden In November!

Simply Unbelievable . . .  three tomato plants, basil, rosemary, and more in November!

Two in the ground left side against the fence, two others in pots on either side of the door.

One Sun Gold Cherry type, three others are Yellow Pear Mini’s . . . . all flowering like crazy and with green and ripening fruit daily, still.

Temps ranging from 60’s to 70’s daytimes, a few cooler nights in high 30’s, but mostly high 40’s and low to mid 50’s at night.

Sun Golds

Sun Gold's On The Vine

We’ve been using the Sun Gold’s and Yellow Pears for salads all summer long.

We’ve also been using them to make a salsa for dipping or into the saute pan with garlic, red onion, EVOO, fresh basil and rosemary, splash of chicken stock . . . using cilantro is kewl, great pasta sauce!

One could add some diced mango to this for that Island Touch . . . then it could go over fish. After fish is done, or on top of fish while baking/broiling in the oven.

You can take the ‘maters to the food processor, same ingredients minus stock . . . purée them and just into hot posta right out of the boiling water . . . add yer fav cheese and more fresh herbs . . . tasty and fast! Don’t forget s&p . . . a lil vinegar of choice can’t hurt. One can always zest in some lemon orange into this for yet another variation.

Another thing one can do with tomatoes is make a Tomato Concassé and then freeze it for fresh summer flavors in the dead of winter. A GREAT item to have in your freezer and pull out with a bag of frozen basil or homamade pesto to add to soups, make a sauce, etc.

Tomato Concassé How To.

You can also flavor your Tomato Concassé with fresh herbs, garlic and such before freezing.

Want a dip or sauce variation?

Tomato Pesto

tomatoes (large ones cut in 4’s)
garlic (roasted garlic)
Gratedd/shaved cheese of choice
Roasted nuts of your choice

Add some tomato paste from a can to concentrate flavor or thicken . . . use cold or hot with pasta, as a dip, spread on sandwiches, a filling in stuffed pork or chicken . . .

Thru The Roughage Into The Forest!

Of course for any and all tomatoes there’s variations of pizzas!

Use white corn tortillas as the bed, make a pizza!

Use a wheat english muffin, add tomato on it in any form from above or just sliced, sliced red onion, a poached egg, your favorite cheese . . . a little Tomato Concassé into a basil infused Hollendaise Sauce.

Dang I forget to add this!

Sundried tomatoes! Make your OWN sundried tomatoes! Talk about concentrated flavors, just the thing you want to have for the smaller varieties like Sun Golds, Yellow Pears, Red Pears, Orange Pears . . .

Any One Can Make Their Own Dried Tomatoes, It’s Easy!

I really have to reinforce this one . . . dried tomatoes in Winter are to DIE for! Chop ’em, dice ’em, food process ’em, into soup’s, sauces or for munchies!

So many things one can do if blessed with ‘Maters In November!

Now get out into your garden and kitchen and make something with tomatoes to eat tonight!


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