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Bribing Israel Will Not Help

The old adage that even a blind squirrel will find a nut every now and then, came to my mind reading this recent Jpost headline…

Thomas Friedman: ‘Netanyahu thinks he can fly’

‘NY Times’ columnist says US has resorted to bribing PM; says he is committed to peace, while refusing to halt settlement building for talks.

Now, before delving into the latest bribery package, I’d like to point out some inaccuracies in the Mustache of Wisdom’s Op-Ed…

…Well, first there’s Israel’s prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu, who has been telling everyone how committed he is to peace with the Palestinians while refusing to halt settlement building as a prerequisite for negotiations. At a time when Israel already has 300,000 settlers (Wrong… more like 500,000) in the West Bank…

Bibi says he can’t possibly take another pause in building (Wrong again… Freeze expected to pass cabinet by slim margin)…

…to test whether the Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas — a man Israelis say is the best Palestinian security partner Israel has ever had — can forge a safe two-state deal for Israel. (He’s right only because Abu Mazen is a complete tool of the US/Israel)

….The U.S. is now basically trying to bribe Bibi to reverse his position. Maybe he will, but it’s unseemly to watch and doesn’t bode well. (Damn straight on both counts!)

…Rather than take the initiative and say to Arabs and Palestinians, “You want a settlement freeze? Here it is, now let’s see what you’re ready to agree to,” Netanyahu toys with President Obama, makes Israel look like it wants land more than peace and risks never forging a West Bank deal — thereby permanently absorbing its 2.5 million Palestinians and eventually no longer having a Jewish majority. That’s the sudden stop at the end — unless the next war comes first. (Actually, the next war, Iran, will be the sudden stop!)

…But, for now, Bibi seems to think he can fly.

I suppose 20 brand-spanking new F-35’s could give Bibi that illusion…! *gah*

Personally, I think Thomas is miffed at both because it’s only half a Friedman Unit that’s being bandied about…!

Now, in parsing all the ink that’s been expended over this overt bribery attempt, I’ll sum it up…

1. We’re gonna spend 3 Billion of our US Taxpayers’ dollars and purchase 20 F-35’s for Israel… Never mind the fact that there’s currently only 13 F-35’s produced to date, and, we have no Active Duty units in any of our branches flying them… Quite the ‘Qualitative Edge’ don’t ya think…?

2. This will be our last ‘request’ for a ‘Settlement Freeze’, much less even thinking about the real need to dismantle any of those illegal settlements…!

3. The US’s UN Security Council ‘pocket veto’ is in effect for any and all “attempt’s to de-legitimize Israel…” Be it the long, languishing Goldstone report, the Mavi Marmarra investigation, ad nauseum…!

4. All of East Jerusalem (the future Palestinian Capital) is excluded from the ‘freeze’…

5. And, lastly, as Bibi had flatly stated about any future I/P agreement: “Every proposal will consider the security needs of the state of Israel, both immediate needs and threats in the coming decade…”

What’s not to like…? *gah*

So naturally, Our Peace Laureate-in-Chief…

Obama calls latest Israeli plan promising

President Barack Obama on Sunday hailed the prospect of a new settlement freeze in the disputed West Bank as a promising step toward peace, urging Israelis and Palestinians to get back into serious negotiations quickly. […]

Obama commended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for making a “very constructive step” toward creating an environment for peace. “I think it’s a signal that he’s serious,” Obama said.


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