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KY-06: Ben Chandler Wins Re-Election

Ben Chandler (D-KY)

Kentucky’s 6th District was one of the closest House contests this year. The official re-canvasing left incumbent Democrat Ben Chandler with a 648-vote lead over his Republican opponent, Andy Barr. The re-canvasing resulted in the net gain of a single vote for Chandler.

After seeing the result of the re-canvasing, Barr decided to concede. From

Republican Andy Barr conceded defeat to Democratic U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler on Friday, 10 days after voters cast their ballots in Central Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District.

“I can find no substantial reason or compelling evidence that would justify a petition for a recount,” Barr said during a news conference in Lexington at the Fayette County Republican Party headquarters.

This leaves only six House races that haven’t officially been called and/or decided by having one of the major candidates concede.

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Jon Walker

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