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Fuel Cell Math Wrong Again?

The main arguments against fuel cell cars.

The main reasons fuel-cell vehicles have been 20 years off since Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House are these:

  • Expensive cars hand-assembled by Ph.Ds
  • The lack of hydrogen filling station
  • High-cost fuel at $7 to $8 a gallon equivalent before transportation costs are added

(Source: Zero-Emission Hydrogen at $2.50 a Gallon? Just Check the Asterisks)

To solve the cost problem of Ph.Ds building cars, mass production seems obvious.

The lack of hydrogen filling stations:

Ten to 15 stations will be built by SunHydro along the East Coast corridor, approximately 300 miles apart. Within two years, the companies plan to install them in such cities as Portland, Maine, Braintree, Massachusetts, Hackensack, New Jersey, Claymont, Delaware, Richmond Virginia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, and Orlando and Miami in Florida.

(Source: “Hydrogen Highway” for Fuel-Cell Cars Coming to East Coast)

That problem is being taken care of although if America were to spend as much as it spends on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on fuel cells we could all have fuel cell cars in a few years, create tons of good paying jobs, stop spending billions on Arab oil and cut off Osama’s money supply.

Think Smart when you fight a war!

$7-$8 a gallon? How much is gas when you factor in the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wars which we fight to keep control of the region. Let’s face it if America were really after Osama we would have sent in troops by now our wars are for oil.

With new technology $5.15 a gallon is what the cost might soon be to get hydrogen soon as my second link says however the average car gets around 25 miles per gallon the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class F Cell car is supposed to get 70-80 miles per gallon.

Let’s say the new Mercedes gets 75 miles per gallon that’s 3 times more than the average car gets a gallon. Thus the cost of fueling a fuel cell car is three times cheaper.

To be fair let’s take the $8 high number  8/3 = $2.66 — does that sound so expensive now?

Now let’s take the low number $5.15  a gallon  $5.15/3 = $1.71 a gallon.

Never mind the savings from not fighting two wars, never mind the savings from government tax break money to farmers for corn gas and bio-diesel.

Never mind all that money we spend on oil now being spent in our economy.

Never mind the stimulus effect of building fuel cell cars and fuel cells fuel stations.

Never mind the health benefits and savings from less pollution.

Did I mention Denmark is getting hydrogen from fuel cells from water?

I think the oil industry is paying off economists to understate fuel cell benefits.

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