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Regrets? Not any longer

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The sleepwalker of history is sleeping even sounder today.

George Bush got that apology from Kanye West.

Now he doesn’t recall a single god-damned bad moment in his whole Presidency.

Peggy Noonan (the interviewer): You were separated on September 11th. What was it like when you saw each other again?…

George W. Bush: But the day ended on a relatively humorous note.

A tad abbreviated, but not really unfair.

But when has Bush ever not had an inappropriate laugh?

A DNA test on a single hair has cast doubt on the guilt of a Texas man who was put to death 10 years ago for a liquor-store murder — an execution that went forward after then-Gov. George W. Bush’s staff failed to tell him the condemned man was asking for genetic analysis of the strand…

[Attorney Barry] Scheck said he believes “to a moral certainty” that Bush would have granted a 30-day reprieve had he known Jones was seeking DNA testing.

Please, he was having the same laugh he had over Karla Faye Tucker.

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