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George W. Bush: I Did Not Have Record Deficits with That Federal Budget

Pictured: a straight shooter.

The Decider wants everyone to know — especially those Teabaggers like Jim DeMint who keep saying mean things about his big spending ways — that his fiscal record was actually really awesome.

Not surprisingly, Bush wants to push back – at the criticism from his own side as much as at the criticism from Democrats.

Spending and the deficit, he insists, didn’t go out of control on his watch. He even interrupts the often-chatty narrative of his memoir to insert a table of statistics comparing his administration’s deficits to those of his predecessors. “My administration’s ratios of spending to GDP, deficit to GDP and debt to GDP are all lower than the averages of the last three decades,” he reports.

Good to see the Decider’s still the straight-talkin’, shootin’-from-the-hip cowboy he always was.

Later in the article, he explains how his administration’s war losses divided by mass-casualty domestic attacks minus stock market and job losses times the square root of his vacation days — is slightly lower average than the last 13 administrations, excluding leap years.

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