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If Republicans Impeach Obama, Should Democrats Go Along for the Ride?

Yeah, I’m upset, as most progressives are by another in a long list of Obama capitulations to Republicans.  The latest and greatest being the cave in on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.  Yes, I know it is not a done deal on the capitulation front, but Lord, this has all the makings of it. 

I think that we all know the drill.  Someone in the Obama Administration starts the ball rolling on the capitulation front by blabbing to the newspapers or the bloggers with the following:  “While President Obama supports (fill in the blank for latest sellout or sacrifice to Blue Dogs, Conservadems, or Republicans), the President is committed to an overall bill that will move the country forward on (fill in grandiose end result).”  This announcement enrages the progressive base of the Democratic Party. Jane and the rest of the crew at Firedoglake write scathing blog posts about said sellout.  Obama announces that Jane and Firedoglake are being hysterical and imagining things.  Obama makes a deal with political opponents that eviscerates the progressive bill. 

After the sellout, Obama takes a victory lap and says, “You progressives need to grow up!  Furthermore, Jane Hamsher and the rest of the Firedoglake community need to get real jobs!  You progressives should be sooooo grateful to me!  I’m better than FDR and LBJ put together!”

Given this sorry political pattern, progressives are wondering what to do.  We seem to have only the following choices:

  • Keep raising hell with what is left of the Democratic Party in Congress.  Maybe the Dems in Congress can get through to the Obama that caving in to Republicans is a non-starter?
  • Find a political challenger for Obama in the 2012 Democratic Primaries.

There is another option that I want to throw out there.  Maybe we should help the Republicans impeach Obama?

Hang with me on this for a few minutes.  Let me try to explain.  I’m trying to think outside the box. 

I think everyone knows that Obama will be impeached in the House.  I see some heads shaking, but trust me on this.  There will be a vote to impeach Obama in the House.  

“Impeach Obama for WHAT?” you ask.  Hey, Dems are not running the show, so it doesn’t matter what impeachment is supposedly based on.  I got a flyer from the Conservative Caucus on pushing Congress on impeachment hearings and an eventual vote.  Naturally, the flyer was filled with crazy shit, but the energy and drive for Obama’s impeachment  is certainly there on the Right.  Also, the Dems in the House fully expect this from the Republicans.  The Republican base hates Obama and wants “their country back!”  That means not waiting for the 2012 Election.  In other words, the Republican base demands a repudiation of the 2008 Election NOW!

OK.  If all of the above is true, how does this help progressives?  There is no way that impeachment gets past the Senate.  For impeachment to succeed, the Republicans would need a number of Democratic Senators to cross over and vote “guilty” in a trial in the Senate (20 0f them to be exact). 

As with the Clinton trial in 1999, the Democrats stuck together in the Senate, and Clinton’s impeachment failed.  Big fucking waste of time for the Republicans.  Unfortunately for Dems, this waste of time caused no lasting damage to the Republican brand.

Back to the future.  But what if the Dems in the Senate decided to let Obama sweat during an impeachment trial? Could progressive in Congress ring concessions out of Obama for their votes during his impeachment trial? Would Obama renege on any concessions to progressives during the heat of an impeachment trial?  Could the possibility of an impeachment trial force Obama to change?

As I said earlier, I am throwing the Obama impeachment scenario out there as a thought experiment.  Honestly, I don’t think that the Dems in the Senate would have the balls to vote for Obama’s impeachment.  I can also see plenty of arguments against any sane person voting for Obama’s impeachment.

  1. Impeachment of Obama would split the Democratic Party. 
  2. Impeachment would turn off independent voters who just want the economy dealt with.
  3. Impeachment would give aid and comfort to our enemies, the Republican Party.

I bring all this up because I am frustrated as all of you are with Obama, and I am looking for any tool that will alter his behavior.  The only thing that seems to do the trick with Obama is power. When confronted head on by the power of the status quo in opposition, Obama folds like a cheap chair.  At this moment, we progressives appear to have no power to confront Obama with.  Maybe letting Obama’s enemies give him a near death experience might force Obama to capitulate to progressives?

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