As a Florida resident, I have already pointed out the dismal future Florida faces under its new governor, where I fully expect a New Depression. Wednesday, Rachel Maddow pointed out bizarre behavior by the new governor’s campaign, where some staffers were paid with American Express gift cards, rather than cash. But as I think more and more about this new governor, he takes on a different identity for me. Is it possible that Rick Scott is really Lord Voldemort? Take a look at the side by side comparison. The Scott photo is from his ScottForFlorida Flickr feed and the Voldemort shot is from this YouTube trailer for the next Harry Potter movie.

At the Harry Potter Lexicon, the most famous quote attributed to Voldemort is “There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.”  That seems entirely fitting for an incoming governor who was CEO of the company that has set the record for the largest Medicare fraud settlement ever paid to the US Government.  He now is saying, even before he has been sworn in, “I don’t think anybody’s trying to go after my power.”  Scott and Voldemort really look and sound like the same person to me, so from now on it seems to make sense just to refer to Governor Scottdemort.

There are dark days ahead for Florida under the rule of Governor Scottdemort.

Jim White

Jim White

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