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Breakthrough Swedish Hemp Energy Farming Study Corroborates Hemp Emperor Herer

from today’s edition of MaMaMoJo — the Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal:

Hemp Energy Farming Breakthrough Study –Corroborates Jack Herer’s Assertions

by Norman B (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Hot off the lab table: Five scientists working at Lund University in Sweden on October 31, 2010, published online their findings about the potential of Hemp as an energy crop. The findings support activist Jack Herer’s teachings, that through growing Hemp on a percentage of our available land, our society can switch to completely clean fuel that causes no Global Warming.

Emma Kreuger and Lovisa Bjornsson of the Lund U. Dept. of Biotechnology, the Budapest University of Technology & Economics Dept. of Applied Biotechnology & Food Science’s Balint Sipos and Guido Zacchi (both with the LU Dept. of Chemical Engineering), and Sven-Erik Svensson of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Agriculture — Farming Systems, Technology & Product Quality in Alnarp completed the research just days ago, showing that every ten square kilometers (about 2.5 acres) of cultivated great Hemp yields about 3,000 liters (about 800 gallons) of Ethanol AND 3,000 cubic meters of Methane. Both Ethanol and Methane burn cleanly, causing no Global Warming. Methane left in the atmosphere, however, is a Greenhouse Gas many times as bad as Carbon Dioxide.

Jack famously guaranteed that devoting 6% of continental US land to growing Hemp could replace all our country’s energy usage. This study supports Jack Herer’s research. Links to a synopsis of the study, and to Jack Herer’s energy-and-climate research overview page follow below. Jack passed away a few months ago, and so is not here with us today to enjoy the triumph in new hope for our planet, but he knew it would come, if we activists pushed hard enough. Clean energy for all of Earth and an end to Global Warming are now within our grasp. We must keep pushing, and we must pause to assess and celebrate our progress.

Activist Jack Herer wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes , the bible of Hemp info.
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